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Quality Conformation

Being an ISO 9001:2008 certified company; we implement quality control methodology at various levels. Every stage of manufacturing and dispatching is followed keeping in mind set quality control norms, which are stringent and conform to international standards. Besides, all activities are executed under watchful assistance of quality and testing experts having ample experience in this field. These experts perform quality checks on end products to ensure presence of the following features:

  • Excellent size, shape & design
  • Environmental safety
  • Stretch ability.
Product Range
  • Disposable Item Plastic & Non Woven
    • Bio Medical West Collecting Bag
    • Face Mask
    • Disposable Plastic Hand Gloves HM White
    • Disposable Plastic Hand Gloves Yellow HM
    • Disposable Plastic Hand Gloves Pink LD
    • Cap Bouffant
    • Disposable Non Woven Shoe Cover
    • Disposable Plastic Apron
    • Disposable Plastic Drape Sheet
    • Disposable Plastic Shoe Cover
    • Disposable Plastic Sleeves
    • Disposable Plastic Shower Cap
    • Cap Surgeon
    • Surgeon Gown Non Woven Disposable
    • Full Length Veterinary Hand Gloves P.G. LD
    • Full Length Veterinary Hand Gloves Orange LD
    • Veterinary Hand Gloves White LD
    • Veterinary Hand Gloves Yellow HM
    • Veterinary Hand Gloves White HM
    • Veterinary Hand Gloves Pink LD
    • Veterinary Hand Gloves White HM
  • General Instruments Veterinary
    • Apron Plastic PVC Heavy
    • Bull Nose Ring
    • Boiling Gun
    • Bull Nose Punch
    • Dehorner Electric
    • Dehorner Electric Heavy
    • Dehorner Non Electric
    • Dangri Pvc
    • Drenching Bottle Aluminum
    • Egg Candler
    • FMD Vaccinator
    • Hoof Cutter
    • Hoof Trimmer
    • Irrigator Can
    • Lactometer
    • Metal Detector With Charger
    • Nail Cutter For Dog
    • Plastic Ear Tag Cattle
    • Poultry Vaccinator
    • Plastic Ear Tag Goat
    • Plastic Ear Tag Cattle Open Head
    • Sterilizer
    • Shearing Clipping Machine
    • T Handle Wire Saw
    • Tag Applicator For Metal Tag
    • Tag Applicator For Plastic Tag
    • Tag applicator Pin For Plastic
    • Tag Brass
    • Tooth Cutter
    • Tooth Rasp 3 Set
    • Tray With Lid
    • Thermometer Simple
    • Thermometer Ovel
    • Thermometer Digital 
    • Thermometer Prismatic
    • Tattooing Set Aluminum
    • Thaw Monitor
    • Visit Bag Nylon
    • Visit Bag Lather
    • Visit Bag - Trunk Type Made Form MS
    • Weight Measuring Tap
  • Teat Instruments For Veterinary
    • Milk Siphon Heavy
    • Milk Siphon Simple
    • Teat Cannula
    • Teat Opener
    • Teat Dilator With Screw
    • Teat Knife
    • Teat Plug Base Metal
    • Teat Plug Plastic Superior
    • Teat Plug Ring Metal
    • Teat Slitter 2 Blade
    • Teat Tumor Extractor 1 Ring
    • Teat Tumor Extractor 3 Ring
    • Teat Tumor Extractor 3 Ring With Spring
    • Teat Surgery Kit
    • Teat Slitter 2 Blade (Danish Pattern)
    • Teat Instrument Kit
  • Operational Instruments Veterinary
    • Alice Tissue Forceps
    • Amputation Saw
    • Artery Forceps
    • Awakener
    • B.P. Handle
    • B.P. Handle Common
    • Blistery
    • Bone Cutter
    • Bone Marrow Needle
    • Castrator Small
    • Castrator Large
    • Clipping Scissor
    • Docking Machine For Tail
    • Electric De Beaker Machine With Stand
    • Embrotomy Knife
    • Eye Speculum
    • Firing Iron Set Of Three
    • Hypodermic Needle
    • Aspiration Needle
    • Mouth Gag Butler
    • Mouth Gag For Dog
    • Mouth Gag Vernil
    • Mouth Gag Wooden
    • Mayo Scissor
    • Mosquito Forceps
    • Needle Holder
    • P.M. Set Large Animal
    • P.M. Set Small Animal
    • Probang
    • Rumenotomy Set Mach into Lock “s
    • Rumen Puncture Needle
    • Rumenotomy Set
    • Simple Forceps
    • Suture Needle
    • Sponge Forceps
    • Sinus Forceps
    • Surgical Kit
    • Suture Thread
    • Stomach Tube For Large Animal
    • Stomach Tube For Small Animal
    • Spiral Needle Set Of 3
    • Scalpel
    • Scissor
    • Tooth Forceps
    • Trocar Cannula
    • Trocar Set Four
    • Towel Clamp
    • Trocar Cannula Wooden Handle
    • Veterinary Needle
  • A.I. Gloves & Equipment For Veterinary
    • A I Sheath
    • A.I. Gun SS O Ring
    • A.I. Gun SS Auto Brass lock
    • A.I. Container (Liquid Nitrogen)
    • A.I. Gun SS Auto SS lock
    • A.I. Gun SS IMV Type
    • Container For A.I. Sheaths
    • Container For A.I. Gun
    • Goblet Plastic
    • L / N To Measuring Stick
    • Straw Cutter
    • Straw Holding Forceps Without Lock
    • Straw Holding Forceps With Lock
    • Thawing Unit
    • Full Length Veterinary Hand Gloves P.G. LD
    • Full Length Veterinary Hand Gloves Orange LD
    • Veterinary Hand Gloves White LD
    • Veterinary Hand Gloves Yellow HM
    • Veterinary Hand Gloves White HM
    • Veterinary Hand Gloves Pink LD
    • Veterinary Hand Gloves White HM
  • Gaynec Instrument For Veterinary
    • Artificial Vagina
    • Distokia Hook With Rod
    • Distokia Hook
    • Distokia Set
    • Distokia Set Heavy
    • Eye Hook
    • I.U. Catheter Brass
    • I.U. Catheter SS Superior
    • Sib Holder
    • Vaginal Speculum

Robust Infrastructure

Our company possesses a developed infrastructure for effective production of a wide range of products. Our infrastructure has various units for production, quality testing, research & development, and in-house design. Our manufacturing unit is well equipped with sophisticated machinery for effective and bulk production of products. Leveraging on it, we can manufacture 2 Lacks pieces of gloves and aprons per day. Some of the machines installed at our production unit are as follows:

  • Interlocking machine
  • Stitching machine
  • Knitting machine
  • Cutting machine.

At our in-house design unit, we make use of latest software for accurate designing of our range.

Why Prefer Us?

We are a major surgical and medical equipment company that provides a broad range of durable and professionally designed equipment for veterinary use. With excellent features and reliability, we offer a value to our customers. We are a preferred name in the market of veterinary instruments, and it is the result of following aspects:

Idar Office
Kshama Surgical Pvt. Ltd.
B-19, 1st. Floor Kuber Plaza,
IDAR - 383430.
Dist. - Sabarkantha, Gujarat, India.
Contact: +919601050500

Kshama Surgical Pvt. Ltd.
Block No- 604, Plot No-8, Virpur Road,
At- Krishnanagar (Netramali)
Ta- Idar, Dist- Sabarkantha.
Gujarat - 383430 (India)
Contact -+919601050500

Ahmadabad Office
428, 4 th. Floor, Ratnamani Complex,
Ghee Kanta, Ahmadabad 380 001.
Contact: +919601050500

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